FAI Airsport Medal

This medal was established by the FAI Council for the 100th anniversary of Lilienthal's first flights. It may be awarded, at any time, to individuals or groups for outstanding services in connection with air sport activities like work in FAI commissions,organising World and Continental Championships, training and educating new pilots, or for promoting aviation in general, especially with regard to young people.

2019 Kenichi UEYAMA
2009 Shigeru KANEGAWA
2008 Hajime HATTA 
2007 Tsutomu MASUDA
2003 Tsugutaka YOSHIOKA
2001 Shin ABE
2000 Masahiro KATO
1999 Senji WATANABE
1998 Kentaro IIOKA
1997 Masaru HASEGAWA
1992 Ritsuri HONDA

The Andrei Tupolev Aeromodeling Medal

This Medal was established in 1989. It may be awarded annually on recommendation by the FAI Aeromodelling Commission to any aeromodelller who in the same year won the World and National Aeromodelling Championships in the same class of models. It is donated annually by the NAC of Russia. Not more than one medal may be awarded each year.

2018 Tetsuo ONDA
He won the championship at the F3A Japanese championship for the first time in 2003. He won the championship consecutively until 2009.He got a championship of 2010. He participated in the world championship and won a prize within the third place with an individual. He is the ace of the world championship F3A Japan team from Japan Model Aeronautic Federation. He won the championship with an individual at the F3A Asia-Oceania championship every time. He is traction of group championship of the Japan team.

2005 Hiroki ITO
In August 2005, participating for the first time at the F3C World Championship held in Spain, Hiroki Ito, only 15 years old, won the title of the F3C World Champion, and he also won the title of F3C Japan National Champion held in October the same year. The remarkable feat of this talented young aeromodeller makes him a richly deserving recipient of the Andrei Tupolev Medal.

2003 Manabu HASHIMOTO
In June 2003, Manabu Hashimoto won the title of F3C World Champion at the
championship meet held at Noto, in Ishikawa Prefecture, and also won the title of Japan National Champion at the National Championship held in October, the same year. He participated in the F3C World Championships in 1997 and 1999 and won the title of Champion two events in a row, a feat accomplished by no other F3C competitors.

The Alphonse Penaud Aeromodeling Diploma

This Diploma was established by the FAI in 1979 and amended in 1980. One Diploma a year may be awarded on the recommendation of the FAI Aeromodelling Commission to any aeromodelller of a FAI Member who has - obtained at least three times consecutively the title of National Champion ; or - obtained at least once the title of World Champion ; or - established at least three world records ; or - fulfilled at least twice the function of Competition Director, Sporting Director and/or similar functions at World or Continental Championships ; or - fulfilled at least three times the function of an FAI jury member at World and/or Continental Championships ; or - fulfilled at least three times the function of a judge at World and/or Continental Championships ; or -served for at least three years as delegate to the FAI Aeromodelling Commission or in another function within the Commission ; or . shown outstanding merits in developing aeromodelling (Sports, Techniques, Organization).

2011 Tetsuo ONDA
2001 Kazuyuki SENSUI
1998 Hideyo ENOMOTO
1992 Giichi NARUKE

The Frank Ehling Diploma

This Diploma is donated by the Academy of Model Aeronautics of the USA. It honours Frank V Ehling whose simple models designs have been used successfully on three continents. Only one Diploma shall be awarded annually, for outstanding accomplishement, by an organisation or individual, in connextion with the promotion of aviation through the use of flying models

2015 Tatsuo YAMASHINA
2011 Tetsuo HATTORI
2009 Keitaro MATSUZAKA

The Paul Tissandier Diploma

This Diploma, established by the FAI in 1952, is named after Mr. Paul Tissandier, Secretary General of FAI from 1919 to 1945. It shall be awarded to those who have served the cause of Aviation in general and Sporting Aviation in particular, by their work, initiative, devotion or in other ways.

2009 Takayuki SAKAI
2005 Makoto YAMADA
2004 Akira AZUMA
2003 Kazuo OCHIAI
2001 Yoshio TADOKORO
1999 Suro TAKAHARA
1996 Tatsuo TOSHITUNA
1995 Kihei FURUKAWA
1993 Hiroyoshi SUZUKI
1992 Shigeyoshi NONAKA
1991 Tadashi MURAYAMA
1990 Saburo ENYA
1983 Shigeo OGAWA
1969 Michitaka MISHIMA

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