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JMA(Japan Model Aeronautic Federation) is an associate member of JAA( Japan Aeronautic
Association). It's pupose is to promote the development of astronautics domestically and

JMA is national body for model aviation in Japan and our purpose is strengthen model aviation
knowledge and promote the friendship between nations.

JMA was established in 1953. The predecessor of JMA was Tokyo International Modeling
Aircraft Club (TIMAC), which was founded in 1946 and reorganaized by JMA in 1950. Therefore
model air-plane activity was revived one year after the end of World War Ⅱ,that is six years
earlier than being released from the suspension of Japanese aviation by GHQ in 1952.

Our primary activity is to govern aero-model events, determinig category of Aeromodeling
Japannese Championship including team selection and registering judges. Recently we have
been collaborating with Sky Leisure Japan festival held by JAA and joined aviation symposium.

What is more, JMA runs a model airplane school program for children who are interested in
aero modeling, the purpose is to attract the younger generation.

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